Policy on Information

The Register of Clinical Technologists (RCT) complies with the Data Protection Act 1998, and is preparing to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations which will come into force from May 2018.

When you register with the RCT you give personal details on the application form such as your address, qualifications, date of birth, email address, home address, work address, etc.  This information is important as it allows us to keep in touch with you and keep you informed about changes to your registration.

The RCT keeps this information secure and will not reveal it to any third parties.  All members of the RCT board and those who work on behalf of the RCT management board are bound by the Data Protection Act and are fully aware of their obligations to keep the data confidential and secure.

The RCT sometimes receives requests for statistics about the number of registrants by, for example, age, area, or gender.  We do release these statistics but we make sure that no registrant can be identified: non-identifiable data is not covered by the Data Protection Act.

The information that we publish about you in the online register is your name, registration number, approximate geographical area of practice and the date your registration started.  It is important that you keep the RCT informed of any changes to your personal details so that we are able to keep touch with you.  We also publish information on your registration status showing, for example, whether you are currently subject to any professional conduct proceedings.  This is a requirement of the Professional Standards Authority for the RCT’s accredited register status.

Name change: If you have changed your name you must send us a certified photocopy of the relevant document (e.g. marriage certificate).

Home address: We ask you to give us your main home address.  This address is not published on the publicly available register but is required by us for the RCT correspondence.

Work address: The work address you give us should be for your main place of work.  The online register will only show the approximate geographical area in which you practice (e.g. Cambridge). If you are not currently practising you can leave this section blank and contact us as soon as you are able to give us a work address.

Telephone number(s): Telephone numbers are required for contact by the RCT only.  This information is not made available to third parties. If you do not wish to have contact by telephone simply leave the space blank.

Email address: Email communication is used by the RCT to inform you of relevant issues relating to registration, so it is important that you tell us your email address.

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