Sonographers transferring from PVRS

Transfer of Public Voluntary Register of Sonographers (PVRS) to the RCT

The Register of Clinical Technologists will open for transfers from the PVRS on 1 February 2021. The transfer window will remain open until midnight on 30 April 2021, and a short application form will need to be completed and returned to the RCT via After that date it will no longer be possible to transfer and a new application will need to be made to the RCT.

By transferring to the RCT, sonographers formerly listed on the PVRS will become part of a PSA accredited register and will work with the RCT to continue our push for statutory registration for all our registrants.

Sonographers will be a separate professional group within the RCT register alongside the existing physics and engineering groups, and this is reflected in the revised Scope of Practice. As the RCT is accredited by the PSA it is better equipped to protect the public and is in a better position to meet the costs of PSA accreditation.  A move to a PSA accredited voluntary register was recommended by the PSA in their July 2019 report to Health Education England on the regulation of sonographers.

Transferring to the RCT

If you are currently listed on the PVRS you can transfer to the RCT.

To do this please complete a short application form which will include a declaration that you have read the notes on Health and Conduct (Appendix A) and the RCT’s Privacy Policy (Appendix B).

Please send to before the end of the transfer window on Friday 30 April 2021.

There is a fee of £26 payable for the annual registration with the RCT applicable to all transferring and a direct debit will need to be set up. Please complete the direct debit mandate and ensure this is included with your application form when emailing

Please note that to transfer you must be currently listed on the PVRS. If you are not currently listed on the PVRS, please apply as a new applicant. Details can be found here.  

You will require your PVRS registration number to complete the transfer form. If you do not know this, you can search for your name and PVRS registration number hereScroll down for the search facility. If you have any problems finding your name and number, please contact 

If you are listed on the PVRS with a preceptorship annotation you will have been contacted individually with respect to the transfer arrangements. Please do not complete a transfer form until advised by the SCoR.

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