Registrar’s CPD Update 2019

Dear RCT Registrant

Continuing Professional Development

It is coming to that time of year when many registrants will be completing their 2018 CPD records and waiting to hear whether they have been randomly selected for audit this year. The results from the CPD audits have been improving year on year since the RCT started to carry these out, however the RCT is always looking to find ways to help.

We now carry out webinars to assist those selected for audit and everyone who took part in these last year, went on to pass the audit. There is also a wealth of information on our website to help anyone keep up to date with their CPD records.

Of course, many of the RCT Management Board are also RCT registrants and may therefore also be randomly selected for audit. However we feel that this isn’t really good enough and as the management board we should really be leading by example. For this reason every member of the RCT management board who is also an RCT registrant, will be self-selecting themselves for audit at some time during the next two years.

As the Registrar however, I feel I should do more. I have therefore submitted my 2018 CPD to Aaron Huckle who is the outgoing chair of the CPD audit panel. Aaron kindly offered to fully audit my CPD so I could publicly share both my CPD and the feedback from the audit with all registrants.

Included in this update therefore are both my CPD summary for 2018 and my CPD audit results:

CPD Summary 2018

CPD audit results January 2019

I am often asked how it is possible to carry out CPD when funding opportunities for training are being reduced in many workplaces. Hopefully my records demonstrate that much of my CPD is not related to actual courses, but is a mixture of learning, some of which may not even have seemed like CPD at the time.

I find the time to maintain records of CPD by placing a monthly reminder in my diary. Once a month I spend around 20 minutes reflecting back on CPD which I have carried out and updating my record. By doing it this way, if I am selected for audit in the future, then I will already have my CPD to hand over without having to retrospectively write anything up.

Can I wish the best of luck to everyone who is selected for audit this year, however as you will have all been keeping up to date with your CPD records, then I am sure luck will play no part in whether you pass the audit.

Iain Threlkeld

The RCT Registrar


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