Registrar’s Update July 2017

CPD Audit

The RCT CPD audit took place on 16 May and 63 registrants (2.5% of the register) were selected for audit.  Of the 63 audited, 16 did not submit any CPD. Of the 47 who did submit, 27 passed and 20 did not pass.  These 20 were required to re-submit and of these 7 did not do so.   Thank you to all those who submitted their CPD for audit. A full report will be circulated in due course.

Assistant Registrar

It has been confirmed that Andy Mosson will remain as assistant registrar for a full term of three years from his start date of 1 September 2016 which was initially to be a temporary one year term for consistency and transition purposes. The panel welcomed this decision.

PSA statement on use of Accredited Registers

The Professional Standards Authority has recently released a statement recommending the use of practitioners who are registered on accredited registers only:

‘Accredited registers meet our demanding standards including protecting the public, governance, education and training, risk management and complaints handling. Practitioners on accredited registers:

 Meet approved levels of education and training and continuing professional development

 Sign up to codes of conduct and competence

 Are subject to disciplinary procedures if something goes wrong.

Accredited registers provide a safety net. A practitioner who is struck off one accredited register (or by a regulator) may not simply join another accredited register’ Read their full statement here.

You can now check the PSA register for a particular healthcare professional via:

Assessor Training

There is an assessor training day planned for September, which is open to our newly appointed assessors and existing assessors, and will give a complete overview of all RCT assessment processes. This will be held in York.

PSA Re-Accreditation

It is now time to apply for re-accreditation with the PSA. This is an annual process and the deadline for our application is Friday 28th July. Progress can be followed on the PSA website here.

New return from career break notification

A new return from career break notification form has been introduced for all registrants who have returned to work after a career break. This must be submitted to the RCT when you return to work under your original Scope of Practice. If you return to work under a different Scope of Practice, then you will be required to complete the Career Change Notification form. Please see the Career Break policy on the RCT website for full details.

Scopes of Practice for RCT website

As mentioned in the last Registrars update, we are adding the Scope of Practice under which you are registered to the online register. We have been able to add this for many registrants from existing records; however some records remain blank. We have recently contacted all Registrants to ask you to confirm which Scope you are working under. Please respond to this communication as soon as possible, so that the online register can be updated effectively.

Management panel meetings

The remaining Meeting planned for 2017 is:

Thursday 19 October 2017, at Fairmount House,

230 Tadcaster Road, York, YO24 1ES.

Summary minutes from the June 2017 meeting can now be found on the RCT website.


Monthly Direct Debits for renewal fees

In 2018 we are introducing the option for RCT registrants to pay their renewal fee by monthly direct debit.  If you do not pay by direct debit at present, or if you already pay by annual direct debit, you will have the option to pay by monthly payments. Email communications will shortly be circulated regarding this, so please keep a look out for the instructions.


Iain Threlkeld

The RCT Registrar

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