Registrar’s Update March 2018

Upcoming CPD Audit

We are once again approaching the time of year when we carry out the CPD audit. The office will soon be sending out the emails to everyone selected for audit, so I thought it may be worth sharing some information in advance. We have seen several registrants removed from the register recently for failing the audit, with some failing to even submit any evidence of CPD. I would therefore urge everyone to fully engage with the process to ensure this does not happen to you.

The RCT has some very useful information on our website here. I would recommend everyone to spend some time reading the information which has been put together to help you all pass the audit if selected. We even have some anonymised submissions from previous CPD audits to help guide you, although I would hope you have already been recording your CPD as it has been happening throughout the year.

Can you also ensure the office has your correct contact details, if anything has changed recently with your email address then you will need to contact us? We don’t want anyone to fail to respond to a request to submit evidence of CPD due to not having kept their details up to date.

RCT leaflet, poster and certificate

Many Registrants’ took up the offer of receiving a free batch of leaflets, posters and departmental certificates when we last offered them. These are still available and if you would like to order some, please email your name and work address (including department) to


RCT Finance Update

We have received a lot of positive feedback from Registrants following the recent Finance Update which was forwarded to registrants in December 2017. Thank you to all those who have taken the time to read it and provide feedback. If you would like to view the report again, it can be downloaded here.

Untapped Resources: Accredited Registers in the Wider Workforce

There are nearly 80,000 healthcare professionals on accredited registers in the UK, representing a huge workforce with potential to make a significant contribution to promoting and protecting the public’s health. In order to better understand their role in this regard, the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and the Professional Standards Authority (the Authority) have undertaken a joint project to uncover the ways that accredited registers (AR) occupations are already supporting the public’s health, and explore the factors that may be hampering their further utilisation.

You may have heard about this project and its aims. One of the key recommendations is for registers to consider introducing a health assessment tool which could be used by practitioners with all their new clients. It was felt that such a tool, if used well, could help provide practitioners with the rationale and opportunity for healthy conversations with their patients.

Read the full report here.

Policy on Information and Privacy Policy

The RCT complies with the Data Protection Act 1998, and is preparing to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which will come into force from May 2018. The information that we publish about you in the online register is your name, registration number, approximate geographical area of practice and the date your registration started. It is important that you keep the RCT informed of any changes to your personal details so that we are able to keep touch with you; particularly as renewal and audit communications are circulated via email.

We take data protection seriously and do not share your data with third parties. We keep details of your application for the duration of your registration and if you leave the register this is securely held for an additional of two years; after which time it is securely disposed of. You can read the full Policy on Information here, and the Privacy Policy here.

Equivalence Route

We have now had 24 successful applicants through the Equivalence route. If you have new recruits in your department, please encourage them to apply if they are eligible for admission via Equivalence. We are hoping to ask some of our recent candidates to write a case study for the website later this year.

RCT Scope of Practice

We still have a small number of registrants with no Scope of Practice listed. Please check the online register and if you have no Scope listed alongside your details, please inform us of this as soon as possible. Further details on the Scopes can be found via the following link.

Iain Threlkeld

The RCT Registrar


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