Registrar’s Update November 2018

Registrar’s Update 

No. 19, November  2018

Welcome to our two new board members

The role of the Registrant representatives is to represent the views of Registrants on the RCT Management Board and contribute to the management of the Register.  Lay members are appointed to provide a wider perspective on healthcare and public protection and are not part of the technologist profession. We are delighted to welcome our new Registrant representative – Carolina Rodrigues and our new Lay member – Sue Bentley. Read their biographies here.


Renewals due

Don’t forget that your registration will be due for renewal in January 2019. Emails will be sent out in early December and you can renew as soon as you receive the renewal email. The easiest way to pay is via direct debit. If you would like to switch to direct debit, download an application form and send it in to us as soon as possible.

CPD Audit

The CPD audit has now been finalised and a report will be added to the website and sent out to all Registrants in due course. 83% of Registrants passed the audit this year. Check the CPD page for further details.  Due to increasing standards of CPD submissions the RCT is investigating the possibility of introducing a CPD award for outstanding submissions.

RCT Assessor vacancies

We currently have vacancies for RCT Assessors. If you are registered on the RCT are looking for a new challenge, this is an interesting and varied role to add to your CV and could also count towards your CPD. If you are also an IPEM member and would like to submit an application, please visit the ‘Get Involved’ page on the IPEM website when you are logged into your account, where you will find the role description and generic application form; or see the here for further details.

Some things you may not know about the CPD audit

·       CPD auditors have to self-select for audit within 2 years of joining the CPD Audit Panel

·       IPEM/RCT holds CPD webinars on how to complete the audit documentation

·       Submitting something is better than submitting nothing – you won’t be suspended from the          Register while we help you reach the required standard

·       The Management Board is committed to being audited

·       The RCT Registrar has been audited before


Feedback on the CPD audit process
A communication was recently sent to the PSA from the BNMS in respect of our re-accreditation application, whereby an RCT registrant was complementary of the CPD audit process, stating clear instructions were provided, correspondence was fast and to the point, and that they were provided with ‘excellent tools for self-reflective learning.’

Online Register

There are times when your work location may change. It is important that you keep your details up to date. Check the online register to ensure your details are correct and if something has changed, send us an email with your new details, so that we can update our records.

Statutory regulation?

Following the announcement that Physician’s Assistants are to be statutorily registered, the RCT has contacted the HCPC again to see if there is a new opportunity to apply for statutory regulation for clinical technologists.

RCT good practise recognised by the Professional Standards Authority

The RCT Registrar, Iain Threlkeld, has pledged to submit his own CPD portfolio for assessment in 2019, as an example to other Registrants that it is not an impossible task! The plan is that Iain’s submission will be audited ahead of the usual cycle, so that it can be used as an example for other RCT registrants, to give them confidence in completing their own forms if they are selected for audit.  The Professional Standards Authority noted this as an example of good practice for other Accredited Registers to follow, when re-accrediting the RCT this year.

Learning from Fitness to Practise Cases

The RCT Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) wants to help all Registrants to work within the Code of Professional Conduct of the RCT, in order to protect the safety of patients and the public. So we identify the learning points from all Fitness to Practise cases that come before PCC Panels and make these available through the RCT website and the Registrar’s Update. For learning from the latest case, please click here. On the website you can also read the outcomes of cases, and find out about hearings coming up.

Iain Threlkeld

The RCT Registrar




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