The RCT management board

The RCT is administered by the RCT management board. This includes:

  • the registrar
  • the assistant registrar
  • two named representatives of each professional organisation participating in the management of the RCT: the Association of Renal Technologists (ART), the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM) and the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM)
  • two representatives elected from the RCT registrant body
  • two lay members

The board is responsible for all aspects of the management of the register including overseeing the assessing and approving of applications to join the RCT. It is also responsible for reviewing and updating the criteria for membership of the RCT as well as all processes and documentation used. It is supported by an administrative team from the IPEM office.

The board actively promotes the RCT to government, the Department of Health, government agencies, the Health and Care Professions Council, other professional bodies, educational establishments and the medical device industry.

Management Board Terms of Reference

Awaiting Update – Lay Member
Iain Threlkeld – Registrar

Iain is the head of clinical engineering at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and has many years experience working both within the NHS and the private healthcare industry.  As a fellow of IHEEM he has previously sat on the RCT Management Board as one of their representatives but has held the position of registrar since September 2016. Iain is registered with the RCT as a clinical technologist and also with the Engineering Council as a chartered engineer (CEng).

Lizzy Crawford – Assistant Registrar

Lizzy was elected to join the RCT Management Board in November 2015 and is passionate about raising the profile of technologists and showcasing their work.  Lizzy is a specialist technologist within the radiological physics department of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and is keen to see entry routes into all technologist professions clarified so that new starters can identify a clear career path and, ultimately, work towards registration as a respected and recognised member of the healthcare science community.

Peter JonesPeter Jones – ART named representative

Peter is an ART representative for the RCT. He is the technical services manager, renal department at St James’ University Hospital, Leeds.

Kevin Gibbs – ART named representative 

Kevin has worked at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for over 15 years, 13 of those years as the Lead Renal Technologist for the Renal Services Departments both Adult and Paediatrics.


Shaun Lundy – IHEEM named representative

Shaun Lundy is clinical engineering team leader at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust. He is a member of IHEEM and registered with the RCT. He is also registered with the Engineering Council as an engineering technician (EngTech).

Paula Todd – IPEM named representative

Paula is a chief clinical technologist at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast and manages the nuclear medicine service over two sites.  Paula is registered with the RCT as a clinical technologist, with the Science Council as a registered scientist (RSci) and is also a full member of IPEM.

Awaiting Update – IPEM named representative
Karen Bradley – Registrant representative 

Karen is a chief clinical technologist at NWCC, Londonderry, N.Ireland, specialising in Radiotherapy Physics. Karen has 17 years experience in the field and is registered with RCT and IPEM. Karen is an active member of both the IPEM Radiotherapy SIG and BIR Radiotherapy SIG and promotes and highlights the need to engage the technologist staff group as a profession with clear career development and opportunities. Sheuses her experience to encourage new members of the profession via her roles as RCT assessor and IPEM CT training scheme external moderator. As elected by the Registrant body, Karen hopes to provide them a voice and continue her work with the IPEM Advanced Practitioner  WP to develop clear distinction in grades and recognition of experience earned within all technologist roles with the RCT management board.

 Jack Morris – Lay member 

Jack is a retired University of Leeds lecturer in Mental Health and was an external examiner for other establishments. After retirement served as the   Lay Advisor for West Yorkshire MAPPA and has obtained an M.A. in Health Care Law.

 Jason Wareham – Registrant representative 

Jason is a Senior Clinical Technologist working in Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT at the Royal Stoke Hospital. Since qualifying he has worked both within the private sector and the NHS. Jason’s professional interests include raising and maintaining professional standards, CPD, professional and personal development and technologist training


RCT administration team

                               RCT manager – awaiting update
                               RCT administrator – awaiting update

The Register of Clinical Technologists