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How does the RCT protect the public?

Clinical Technologists are trained to perform complex procedures on patients, look after specialist medical devices and prepare treatments for example radioactive injections.  Every day they make decisions that can affect patients’ health, safety and welfare.  The public will want to be assured that these individuals have been fully trained, assessed and that their skills are regularly updated. The RCT sets the standard for Clinical Technologist training and conduct.  It has set up a register for individuals who have met these standards.  The Register also requires them to continue to meet them throughout their working life.  The following processes set out how the RCT aims to protect the public by maintaining high standards of practice amongst its registrants.

Entry onto the register

Entry onto the register is through a formal application process. Each applicant must demonstrate that they meet the standards set by the RCT by successfully completing an agreed training scheme or by demonstrating equivalence. Each application is assessed against a strict set of criteria.

Scopes of Practice

The scope of practice statements describe the attributes that would be expected from a newly qualified Clinical Technologist or Practitioner at the point of registration.
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Code of Conduct

All RCT registrants work to the Code of Conduct The essence of this code is to ensure that the patient’s interests, well being and dignity are paramount at all times.

The RCT conforms to the Nolan Principles for Good Conduct in Public Life which includes Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership.

Searchable Register

RCT registrants publicly declare their registration by appearing on a searchable database which can be found on at View the Register on this website. You can check whether any individual is on the Register by clicking this link.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

A requirement of the RCT is that registrants actively maintain their fitness to practice by participating in CPD activities. A random audit of registrants takes place each year. Full details of the scheme can be found here. This ensures that registrants keep their skills up to date.

Training schemes for Clinical Technologists or Practitioners

There are specific training schemes for Clinical Technologists and Practitioners. See
IPEM Clinical Technologist Training Schemes and Practitioner Training Programme.

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