How to join the register

The RCT is open to all UK-based persons employed, or seeking employment, in a technical role in the field of medical physics, clinical engineering, medical equipment maintenance or medical equipment manufacturing.

The standards for entry to the RCT are contained in the Scope of Practice document which lists the specialised tasks which the technologist must be competent to carry out and in The Degree Programme in Clinical Technology for the indicative knowledge on which these skills are based. Those following the primary route to registration, by completing an approved training course, will be assessed by their institution as meeting these standards. Those following an equivalence route will have an equivalence assessment using the RCT equivalence standards for engineering or physics depending on their area of work and Good Scientific Practice. These standards match those in the Scope of Practice.

Below is a comprehensive description of how to apply for registration.

Before you start your application ensure that you check the eligibility chart. The entry criteria are strict and are set out clearly in this document.

If you are applying under the primary criterion check the list of Approved Education and Training to see if your course is approved. Under this route you will also need to have completed one of the approved training schemes in conjunction with an approved degree course.

To apply under the primary criterion you will need to send us:

  1. One copy of all educational and training certificates (each copy must be initialled by both proposers). You shouldn’t send certificates relating to short courses lasting one week or less.
  2. One copy of a detailed curriculum vitae which describes your education and work experience. This should list all posts held including dates, job title, grade (if appropriate) and brief details of the duties of each post. It should also include all educational and other achievements and details of any training undertaken.
  3. One copy of an organisation chart showing your position in your current post (each copy must be initialled by both proposers).

Please send the original application form with the application fee. Please note that from 1st July 2018 we will no longer be accepting cheques. We will issue an invoice and inform you of how to pay this once your application has been received.

We must have all of the above documentation in order to process your application.

Please ensure that you read the guidelines prior to completing your application.

Guidance Notes

Application Form

Application process

Once your application is received it will be sent for assessment by one of our panel of experienced assessors. On completion of this process we will write to you with the outcome. If your application is successful you will be sent a one off certificate which you should keep as this is not replaced annually. Your name will also be added to the online register. Registration is renewable annually from 1 January and must be renewed by 31 January.

Equivalence route

For those who have gained experience or qualifications outside of the primary criterion there is still the possibility of entry to the register via the equivalence route. For this you will need to demonstrate, through a portfolio of evidence, that your knowledge and skills are equivalent to the register’s standards. Details of the equivalence route are available on the website for both engineering and physics.


If you wish to appeal against a decision made by the RCT in relation to an application you should write to the registrar at the address below (telephone calls are not acceptable).  This should be done within thirty days of the disputed decision.  You should explain, in detail, the reasons for your appeal.  Please note that only candidates can appeal against a decision made by the RCT.  No one can appeal on your behalf.  We will endeavour to deal with your appeal within a period of thirty days from receipt.

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