Information for registrants

Below is a brief rundown of the information available on the RCT website for registrants. Please follow the links to the individual pages for further details.

Registrar’s Update

The RCT Registrar regularly communicates with all registrants via the Registrar’s Update. This is usually sent out following the management board meetings to keep registrants up to date with any developments. An historic record of previous copies of the Registrar’s Update is available.

Code of Professional Conduct

All RCT registrants are mandated to work to the RCT Code of Professional Conduct to ensure their work and its products do not constitute an unnecessary hazard to any person. The essence of this code is to respect the rights of everyone they work with, especially patients. The code aims to ensure that the well-being, interests and dignity of patients are promoted and safeguarded at all times by the registrant meeting and following standards of training, professional skills, behaviour and health.

Health and Conduct

The RCT has developed a policy on Health and conduct declarations. Anything which affects a registrant’s fitness to practice must be declared so we can advise further.

Renewing your registration

Registration is renewable annually and registrants must renew by 31st January or their registration will lapse. There are several ways you can renew your registration. Full details can be found on the Renewing your registration section of our website. A suspended or de-registered registrant can be restored to the register on production of a new application, which must meet the current requirements. Please see the Restoration to the register page for details on how to do this.

Fitness to Practise proceedings

The RCT’s Fitness to practise hearings are held in public. Sometimes part or all of a hearing may be held in private due to the confidential nature of the information involved, such as health issues. The Board will exclude the public and press while it is sitting in private.

Fitness to Practise findings

Registrant’s who have recently been the subject of a decision by a Panel of the RCT’s Professional Conduct Committee will be shown in the Fitness to Practise Findings section, together with the sanction imposed, and the paragraph/s of the Code of Professional Conduct (the Code) that have been found to have been breached. The procedure followed, and the sanctions available to the Board, are shown in the RCT’s Fitness to Practise Procedure.


Continuing professional development (CPD) is a process to ensure as far as possible that someone remains up to date with current developments and good practice within their profession and as a result continues to be ‘fit to practise’ within their profession and specialty. When registrants are placed on the register they accept that they have a responsibility to maintain a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of their CPD activities.

Career break and career change

career break involves a registrant taking an extended period of unpaid time away from their work and returning to work in the same Scope of Practice.

A career change involves a registrant taking time away from their current Scope of Practice to underatke further training and development (which may be paid or unpaid) before returning to work in a different Scope of Practice.

If you wish to take a career break, or undertake a career change, please read the Career Break and Career Change policy and submit the relevant application form at least one month prior to the proposed change.

If you are currently on an approved career break and wish to extend this beyond the agreed timeframe, please read the Career Break and Career Change policy and submit a career break extension form at least one month prior to the original return to work date.

Social media

Social media channels are internet based platforms that allow users to create and share content. The RCT has developed Social media guidelines to assist registrants whilst using these platforms.

Getting involved

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that entry to the register remains robust we are seeking interested parties who wish to become assessors for the Register of Clinical Technologist (RCT) equivalence route. Details on becoming an assessor can be found on our Getting Involved page.

Useful links

The Useful links page provides website links to organisations which have some connection or influence on the activities which the RCT is involved in.

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