Return from overseas practice

If you wish to return to work in the UK after working overseas in a relevant post, the Return from Overseas Practice policy applies to all registrants.

All registrants who leave the UK to work overseas in a relevant post and subsequently return to the UK, must complete a Return from Overseas Practice Notification form on their return. Depending on how long they have been working outside of the UK, evidence of updating may be required on their return in order to satisfy the RCT Management Board that competency has been maintained.  Please see the policy for further details.

In order to maintain registration whilst overseas, registrants must renew their registration annually and continue to work in a relevant post, maintain CPD and uphold the RCT Code of Professional Conduct.  Registrants may however, apply for a Career Break for the duration of their time overseas if they do not wish to remain an active registrant.  If a career break is granted, fees are not payable for the duration of the career break. Please refer to the Career Break and Career Change section of the website for further details.

The Register of Clinical Technologists