Fees and ways to pay

2019 Fees 
Application fee for primary route                 £45.00*
Application fee for equivalence route          £65.00*
Application fee for re-admission                  £45.00
Annual renewal fee                                      £22.50

*includes the first annual registration fee

Application fee: a non-refundable application fee is payable but will, in the case of applicants admitted to the register, serve as the registration fee for the initial period.

Annual renewal fee: registration is renewable on an annual basis on 1 January of each year and must be received by the RCT by 31 January.

Ways to pay:

  1. By direct debit – please complete the direct debit forms and return to the address below. Please leave the ‘reference’ section blank. All new applications must include a direct debit form, which will be used for subsequent renewals.
  2. Online –  with a credit or debit card – the application fee can be paid online or by direct debit. We will issue an invoice once we process your application and email you with instructions on how to pay.

Please note that we no longer accept cheques as payment for application fees or renewal fees.

All applications and fees should be sent to:
The Registrar
The Register of Clinical Technologists
Fairmount House
230 Tadcaster Road
YO24 1ES
Tel: 01904 550500 |  Fax: 01904 612279 |  Email: enquiries@therct.org.uk

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