How to complain

All complaints will be taken seriously and acted on promptly and appropriately. The RCT will offer help and support, including arbitration where appropriate, to all parties to ensure that cases are dealt with effectively.

Complaints relating to the RCT administration or website

A complaint may be made in person, by phone, by email or in writing. Once received, a complaint will be assessed by the RCT administrative team to try to resolve the complaint quickly and to the satisfaction of the complainant wherever possible.  Complaints requiring an informal resolution might include concerns regarding information on the RCT website or other administrative issues.  The RCT administrative team will aim to respond to a complaint within 5 working days unless there are exceptional circumstances.

If your complaint relates to a member of the RCT administrative team, please read the IPEM complaints policy for further details on how your complaint will be dealt with.

Complaints relating to an RCT registrant

If your complaint refers to an RCT registrant, or you are reporting the outcome of disciplinary proceedings taken by an employer against a registrant, please address this directly to the Secretary of the RCT Professional Conduct Committee (PCC). The Secretary of the RCT PCC will send an acknowledgement to a complainant within 5 working days.  Complaints requiring a formal resolution might include concerns regarding a registrant’s conduct or alleged failure to meet the standards set out in the RCT Code of Professional Conduct.  These types of complaints will require a complainant to set out in writing (letter or email):

  • the name of the individual about whom they wish to complain;
  • the nature of the complaint;
  • who has been involved so far;
  • what has/has not been done;
  • why they are not satisfied with the outcome; and
  • their own name and address and how we should contact them.

If, for any reason, a complainant is unable to submit their complaint in writing (letter or email) then the complainant can contact the Secretary of the RCT PCC, by telephone, who will take down the details (as set out in the bullet list above) of the complaint on the complainant’s behalf.

Upon receipt of a complaint, the secretary of the RCT PCC will determine the appropriate response which may result in the implementation of the RCT’s Fitness to Practise procedure which can be found here: Fitness to Practise Procedure.  A complainant will be involved in the FTP procedure at every stage as a witness and the RCT will support a complainant through the process including letting the complainant know the outcome at the end.

To make a complaint please contact:

The Register of Clinical Technologists
Fairmount House
230 Tadcaster Road
YO24 1ES

Telephone: 01904 550500


The Register of Clinical Technologists