Career break and career change

If you wish to take a career break, the Career Break and Career Change policy applies to all registrants.

A career break involves a registrant taking an extended period of unpaid time away from their work and returning to work in the same Scope of Practice.  Reasons for a career break may include:

  • care and/or responsibility for children or other dependents requiring unpaid time away from work;
  • personal study, training or development requiring unpaid time away from work; or
  • any other purpose agreed by the RCT e.g. overseas travel or voluntary work.

A career change involves a registrant taking time away from their current Scope of Practice to undertake further training and development (which may be paid or unpaid) before returning to work in a different Scope of Practice.

To notify us of your intention to take a career break or undertake a career change please read the policy above, complete the relevant form and send it to The Register of Clinical Technologists, Fairmount House, 230 Tadcaster Road, York, YO24 1ES (or via emailat least 1 month before the proposed start date of the career break or career change.

When you return to work from a career break, you must complete the return from career break notification form. This should be forwarded with your updating/study/supervised practice documentation, where applicable. (Full details of the requirements can be found in the Career Break and Career Change policy).

If you are currently on an approved career break and wish to extend this beyond the agreed timeframe, please read the Career Break and Career Change policy and submit a career break extension form at least one month prior to the original return to work date.

The Register of Clinical Technologists