Renewing your registration

The RCT renewal process

Annual renewal fees can be paid by direct debit in 12 monthly instalments or as a one-off instalment.  The only way for RCT registrants to pay their fees is by direct debit.  It is imperative that registrants ensure that their direct debit is kept up to date. Renewal fees are due on 1 January and if not received by the RCT administration office via direct debit by 31 January, will result in the registrant being marked on the register as ‘lapsed’ due to non-payment.  In these circumstances, following a lapsed period due to non-payment of renewal fees, a lapsed registrant will be required to make a full-application, meeting all the current criteria for registration and producing all the evidence required by a first time applicant.  In addition, a full re-application fee must be paid.

If you do not currently pay your RCT renewal fee by direct debit, please ensure that you set up a direct debit before the renewal process commences (as described below). To do so, please download and complete the direct debit mandate form here and indicate by completing the relevant direct debit application form on the subsequent pages as to whether you wish to pay annually (one payment) or monthly (12 payments).

If you currently pay your RCT renewal fee by annual direct debit but would like to change to monthly direct debit, then please download and complete the monthly direct debit application form here.

The usual time-frame for the RCT renewal process is as follows:

  1. October – set up a direct debit as this is the easiest way to make sure your registration does not lapse. Please download and complete the appropriate form mentioned above and return to the RCT administration office.
  2. November – make sure that the RCT has up to date contact details for you.
  3. December – email renewal notifications are normally sent at the beginning of the month.
  4. January   the RCT renewal fee (current fees) is due on 1 January of each year and must be received by the RCT administrative office by 31 January., by direct debit. We are unable to accept payment by any other means.

By paying the RCT registration renewal fee:

  • You confirm that you continue to work in a qualifying branch of medical physics, clinical engineering, medical equipment maintenance or medical equipment manufacturing.
  • You confirm that you will undertake continuing professional development (CPD).
  • You are confirming that you will abide by the RCT Code of Professional Conduct.
  • You confirm that confirm you have suitable and sufficient primary professional indemnity insurance in place where this is not provided by your employer.
  • You confirm that you do not have any health condition(s) that you believe will affect your ability to practice safely and effectively as set out in the RCT health and conduct declarations policy. 
  • You confirm that you do not have any convictions, cautions or civil or disciplinary proceedings to declare as set out in the RCT health and conduct declarations policy.

If you have any queries about direct debits or the renewal process please email or telephone 01904 550500.

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