Registrar’s Update July 2019


CPD Audit results

The CPD audit has now been completed. 28 registrants passed at the first submission, with 19 registrants being re-audited. Of the 19, 11 re-submitted their evidence and we are pleased to say that all subsequently passed. Unfortunately, eight registrants chose not to re-submit and, as a consequence, have been suspended from the Register. The results of the audit will be published on the RCT website and a report will be emailed to all Registrants in due course. Please remember to keep a record of your activities on mycareerpath®, which is accessed via the IPEM website. This will make it easier for you to collate your information if you are selected for audit next year. If you are not sure of your login details, contact

The Benefits of CPD

CPD is feared and sounds very time consuming, however, by writing a few words a week, reflecting on what you have done or learned, you can easily build up a portfolio showing your development over many years.

By continuingly developing your skills and knowledge you show your employer your level of competency and it can be beneficial for your own career progression.

More importantly, by achieving CPD, you can demonstrate your credibility to patients, visitors and the local community and build their confidence within the service you provide. Further details can be found on the RCT website.

Safeguarding and Whistleblowing

The RCT Management Board encourage registrants to understand, recognise and address safeguarding concerns.  Such concerns must be addressed in a rapid and appropriate manner to prevent or minimise harm and protect the public. You can read the policy here.

Whistleblowing is where a worker (an employee, former employee, trainee, agency worker or member of an organisation) reports a wrongdoing in the public interest. Public interest means the wrongdoing must affect other people, for example the general public. You can read the policy here.


Mandatory direct debit payments for renewal fees – reminder

As mentioned in previous updates, the RCT Management Board has made the decision to introduce mandatory payment by direct debit for renewal fees for all registrants in the UK.  This will become the only way to pay from December 2020 for renewals due on 1 January 2021.  We would urge you to complete and return a direct debit mandate now in preparation for renewals due on 1 January 2020. You can pay in 1 annual payment in January or have the amount due split into 12 monthly payments.

Please use this link to access the direct debit application form – no payments will be taken until January 2020.

Online Register – are your details correct?

There are times when your work location may change. It is important to remember that it is your responsibility, as a registrant, to keep your details up to date on the register. Check the online register to ensure your details are correct and if something has changed, send us an email with your new details, so that we can update the register.  If you change your name for any reason (e.g. by deed poll, marriage, divorce etc.), then you need to inform the RCT as soon as possible by way of a certified copy of your change of name/marriage certificate. The copy must be signed by one of your original Proposers or a healthcare professional who is not related to you. Please submit your copy via email.

Recent fitness to practise findings

Two fitness to practise hearings have recently been completed. One resulted in a written reprimand and the other resulted in the registrant being removed from the register. The primary aim of the register is to protect the public and we take this requirement seriously. You can read more about all FTP findings on the RCT website. Details on how to proceed if you have concerns about an RCT registrant can be found here.

Election of Registrar and Assistant Registrar

The Management Board are pleased to announce that by unanimous agreement, the existing Registrar, Iain Threlkeld and the existing Assistant Registrar, Andy Mosson have both been elected for further terms in their posts on the Board.

NEW Scope of practice

We are undertaking a process of introducing a new Clinical Computing scope of practice for the RCT. Work is due to be completed in the near future on the requirements for registration under this new scope and we will then undertake testing, before introducing it for new applicants.  Further information will be released in due course. If you know of anybody in your department who is working in in Clinical Computing (management of computer systems, not software development) and is interested in applying to join the RCT, please ask them to email the RCT for further details on the upcoming pilot.

PSA Re-Accreditation

We are now in the process of applying for re-accreditation with the PSA. This is an annual process and the submission deadline for our application is mid- July. Progress can be followed on the PSA website here.

Work location and scope of practice – information required

There are still a small number of Registrants with no work location or scope of practice held on the RCT website. Please check the online register and if there is information missing against your entry, please advise us of this by email, quoting your CT reference number.

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