Registrar’s Update March 2020

CPD Audit

The annual CPD audit process has now commenced. All those selected for audit of their 2019 CPD records have now been informed and need to submit by 1st April 2020.  Please ensure that you submit your summary in time, as this is a requirement of your registration. When selected for audit, we ask that you upload your Summary of CPD Activity form to mycareerpath® or create a report of your recorded evidence on  mycareerpath®, which can then be submitted for audit.  Paper submissions cannot be accepted via email or post.  If you would like further information on how to use  mycareerpath® please see the CPD pages on the RCT website.   To view our CPD webinar, giving advice and guidance on how best to complete your CPD audit submission to ensure all standards are met, click here.

RCT Assessors required

Due to the continued growth of the RCT, we are again looking for additional Assessors to assess both Primary and Equivalence applications. We are particularly in need of those working in the Medical Engineering, Radiation Physics, Radiation Engineering and Radiotherapy Physics scopes of practice; however we welcome applications from eligible Registrants from all of the RCT scopes. Full training will be given, and the work can count towards your CPD portfolio. To find out more, please see the Get Involved page on the RCT website.

Reporting concerns

All Registrants have a duty to report any concerns they may have in the workplace. If your complaint refers to an RCT registrant, or you are reporting the outcome of disciplinary proceedings taken by an employer against a registrant, please address this directly to the Secretary of the RCT Professional Conduct Committee (PCC). Complaints requiring a formal resolution might include concerns regarding a registrant’s conduct or alleged failure to meet the standards set out in the RCT Code of Professional Conduct.  These types of complaints will require a complainant to set out in writing (letter or email):

·         the name of the individual about whom they wish to complain.

·         the nature of the complaint.

·         who has been involved so far.

·         what has/has not been done.

·         why they are not satisfied with the outcome; and

·         their own name and address and how we should contact them.

If, for any reason, a complainant is unable to submit their complaint in writing (letter or email) then the complainant can contact the Secretary of the RCT PCC, by telephone, who will take down the details (as set out in the bullet list above) of the complaint on the complainant’s behalf.

Please see the How to complain section of the RCT website for further information.

Direct debit payments for renewal fees – reminder

As mentioned in previous Registrar’s Updates, emails and on the RCT website, the only way in which all UK based registrants will be able to renew their registration from 2021 onwards is by setting up a direct debit. Your direct debit mandate needs to be received by our finance team by November 2020 at the latest to ensure that it is active in time for the 2021 renewal period. Please ensure that you submit your form in time to avoid your registration lapsing. We will be sending out monthly reminders until November. Please use this link to access the direct debit application form.

New Clinical Computing scope of practice – reminder for interested parties

A reminder that we have recently introduced a new Clinical Computing scope of practice for the RCT and are about to commence piloting of the new scope, before introducing it for new applicants.  If you know of anybody in your department who is working in Clinical Computing (management of computer systems, not software development) and is interested in applying to join the RCT, please ask them to email the RCT for further details of the pilot.

COVID 19 – Coronavirus

With the continued presence of the Coronavirus, the Professional Standards Authority has produced guidance for registrants and the public. You can read their statement, here.

Return from overseas practice policy

The RCT recognizes that some registrants may wish to work overseas for a period of time and maintain their registration during this period; or alternatively apply for a career break whilst away from the UK. We are currently developing a policy to help overseas registrants on their return to the UK and will bring you further news once this has been finalised.

Iain Threlkeld

The RCT Registrar


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