Registrar’s Update July 2018

Registrant Representative vacancies

The RCT Panel consists of two Registrant representatives.  The role of these individuals is to represent the views of Registrants on the RCT Management Panel and contribute to the management of the Register. This entails attending three RCT Panel meetings in York each year; these being in February, June and October.  Two vacancies have arisen for Registrant representatives and applications for these positions are now invited from RCT Registrants.

If you are an IPEM member would like to submit an application, please visit the ‘Get Involved’ page on the IPEM website when you are logged into your account, where you will find the role description and generic application form, or visit the RCT website.

RCT Career Break & Career Change policy

There have been slight amendments to both of these policies recently. Amended documents have been uploaded to the RCT website and if you wish to submit applications for a career break or career change, please ensure that you read the new versions of the documents. These can be viewed here.

Work location – information required

There are still a small number of Registrants with no work location held on the RCT website. These Registrants were contacted recently and asked to provide this information. If you have been contacted and have not yet responded, please email this information to us on as soon as possible.

Lay Member vacancy

We currently have a vacancy for a lay member to sit on the RCT panel. Lay members are appointed to provide a wider perspective on healthcare and public protection and are not part of the technologist profession. The lay members attend Panel meetings and contribute to all aspects of the Panel’s work. The positions are unremunerated but travel expenses will be paid in line with IPEM’s policy. If you know somebody who has an interest in healthcare and the role of healthcare professionals; are committed to improving the quality of public services; and are keen to work alongside professionals to develop the technologist profession this voluntary role may be for them. Please direct them to the vacancy on the RCT website.

RCT Assessor vacancies

We currently have vacancies for RCT Assessors on the RCT panel. If you are registered on the RCT are looking for a new challenge, this is an interesting and varied role to add to your CV and could also count towards your CPD. If you are an IPEM member and would like to submit an application, please visit the ‘Get Involved’ page on the IPEM website when you are logged into your account, where you will find the role description and generic application form; or see the RCT website.

CPD Audit

The CPD audit is being finalised with 34 registrants being re-audited. Once this process has been completed, the results will be published on the RCT website and a report will be emailed to all Registrants. Please remember to keep a record of your activities on the RCT Detailed Record of CPD Activity form which is available from the RCT website. This will make it easier for you to collate your information if you are selected for audit next year.

Cheques no longer accepted

As of 1st July 2018 we no longer accept cheques as payment for application or renewal fees. As we have many other more convenient ways of payment, we think that this will not impact too much on Registrants. Online payments and direct debits are by far the the preferred method of most Registrants. Processing fees applied by the bank have risen significantly and this method of accepting payment is no longer sustainable.  In addition, the processing time is significant for the amount of cheques received.

RCT Membership Panel name change

The RCT Management Panel is to be renamed the RCT Board to better reflect the level of responsibility the members of the Panel undertake.  It is also a way to distinguish the RCT as having its own board rather than being a Panel of IPEM. The Panel agreed to the name change which would take effect in September at the beginning of the next corporate year.

Iain Threlkeld

The RCT Registrar

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